Fashion and Model photographer for Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire and the Midlands.
Fashion shows, hair styling, clothing line catalogue, model style photo sessions

Actress headshot photograph on a blown white background

Fashion photography in the studio

The well equipped studio space that I have available for photoshoots is complimented by a dedicated preparation room. During photo sessions in the studio I usually tether the camera to a computer so you can see what the images are like before any post-processing and retouching. I find that this can help with lighting and posing tweaks and helping to ensure you get the images you want. I have temporarily converted Hair Salons, bars, canteens and even a station concourse into a studio space.

Model in green dress swinging out of the engine cab on the Snowdon Mountain railway

Fashion photography on location

I am well equipped to meet the needs of location photography fashion shoots as well as in the studio. Sometimes the weather doesn't 'play ball', particularly at over 3000' on the top of Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa.

Hair styling portrait photograph of a woman.

Hair styling photography

For advertising your skills or to give your Salon a promotional boost. If you have enough space I can convert part of your salon into a studio meaning that you have your styling tools available in your environment. I do have a preparation room as well as studio space available as well.

VYoung person in a suit for a portrait photograph in Stoke-on-Trent

Fashion shows - on the catwalk

Catwalk shows covered including backstage preparation if required.
Pre-show publicity, hair and make-up preparation and on the runway.

Hair styling portrait photograph of a woman.

Model style photo session experience

These sessions are edgier and more varied than my standard 'portrait sessions'. The lighting and posing style differs from the family portrait session.

I do not do 'portfolio days' where photographers make out that they will produce a set of photographs which will result in any agency that sees them signing you. That is misleading sales talk. Agencies, proper agencies, work in a different way to that. What I will do is provide you with images that will meet 'agency standards', images that you will be proud to show to other people.

VYoung person in a suit for a portrait photograph in Stoke-on-Trent

Vintage model style photo sessions

If you are into vintage clothing and styles then the variety of colour backgrounds that I have will lend themselves to producing a set of photographs evocative of posters from the era.

The lighting equipment that I use is modern and distinctly out-performs the now proverbial 'standard ebay Amazon' lighting kits that seem to be popular with some people simply because of their cheap price. Short flash durations help to freeze movement like hair flicks. Quick re-charging, along with colour and exposure consistency, also help to maintain an emphasis on quality. My lighting equipment is PAT tested so if I am converting your space into a studio space and your insurers or landlord have this requirement, no problem. I also use a wide range of lighting modifiers to tune the image. The image is created before the camera shutter is pressed.

Vintage styled model in golden brown starp dress, imitation fur shawl and tattoos

Model agencies:

Beware when someone promises to produce a portfolio of images that will make an agency be unable to not sign you. Real agencies do not work that way. They look at you, how you move and hold yourself, your height etc and, if they like what they see, they will send you to photographers on their lists for test shoots to create a portfolio for you. If an ‘agency’ is asking you for money up front advise them to check the legislation with regard to model agencies. For some more thoughts on agencies click here.

Dedicated changing / preparation room Equipped with hanging rail, lit make-up mirror and a full length mirror.


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