Timeless and distinctive portrait photography

Portrait photography for family, friends, individuals and pets.
Choice of styles for your studio portrait photographs
Photographs that capture your character.

You can choose a style that stands out from what many other people have.

portrait photograph - woman with hair in a bob - sepia style tone monochrome on a blown white background

Choice of styles for your studio portrait photograph

At Will’s Photoimaging you can have distinctive styles of photography that can stand out from the crowd or you can have the standard ‘flat on white’ that is commonly available and usually the only option. For some situations and some intentions the blown white background portrait does provide the best option. However, it should not be the only choice that you consider. If a blown white background image is what you want then I will provide this for you. However, you will also have the option of using colour backgrounds and use of more distinctive lighting styles that place the emphasis in the photograph clearly on you. In addition to flash units I also have some continuous lighting both for creative use and for use with people who have a problem with flashing lights.

portrait of a woman in Victorian style clothing against the backdrop of an autumnal scene of the incline at Blists Hill Victorian Village

In the studio or on location

For the distinctive studio style of photograph I prefer to work in my own studio space in North Staffordshire, just south of Stoke-on-Trent and along the A50 from Derby. I have a separate changing and preparation room and off-road parking. Location photo sessions are suited to 'lifestyle' style of portrait photography. The highest location photo session I've done was on top of Yr Wydffa ( Snowdon ) and yes, I did walk up and down again.. The Staffordshire countryside is a little bit more accessible and it provides a wide range of locations for a variety of image styles as well as some urban settings if that suits the style of image that you want.

Business headshot style photograph

Business style headshots

The importance of a good headshot image for business professionals increases as the internet becomes a bigger influence on how business is done. For individuals or a few people this can be done in my studio space whereas for a company session it is better for you that I come to you.

photograph of a girl in a red dress taken at her Leaver's Prom

Special occasion photography

From the Proms that I photograph I know that hair can quickly lose its position, particularly if it is a damp or windy evening. Also skin can quickly glow in the combination of summer warmth and the exertions of dancing. Whilst I tend to get rather busy around the Prom season, if I am available I can provide quality images before the decline caused by events on the day kicks in.

Malemonochrome portrait in the style of classic James Dean

Classic Hollywood and Vintage style

Vintage style photo sessions with a photographic quality to match your style. Bright and colourful or atmospheric monochrome. As well as flash I also have some continuous lighting that creates the type of shadow transition that is so typical of classic Hollywood glamorous photographs. Standard flash units cannot produce this type of light.

portrait photograph of a teenage girl in a grey top on a black background

Price starting point and media options

I do not have a session fee. The cost of your session will depend on what media option/s you choose. This can range from digital files for web use up to large scale prints and other wall art. In order to help you to be able to visualise how your photograph/s will fit in on your walls with your décor I have a software package that can superimpose the photographs onto a picture of your wall/s.

beauty portrait photograph of a woman with a pearl earring

Paperwork officialdom

The equipment that I use has been PAT tested and the Public Liability Insurance that I have for my photography work should meet the needs of your venue. Increasingly venues are requiring evidence of these simple things that should be automatic for anyone offering professional photography services. Even my local village hall requires all mains electrical appliances to be tested before being used. Unfortunately not all photographers are covered for these basics. I am also DBS Enhanced checked ( Replaced CRB in December 2012 ) for the teaching work that I still do.

Steampunk portrait photograph of Mars Expeditionary Force at Blists Hill Victorian village

Themed event photography

Some people will have a specific theme for an Anniversary party or some other celebration. Some people like to engage in their alter-egos. Cosplay, Steampunk and many more. Make sure that the time and effort people put into their costumes is captured with quality.

SWPP Societies Qualified Licentiate

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that you might be thinking and that others might have asked

Black and white portrait photograph of a young woman sat cross legged in Rupert the bear chequered trousers.
Clothing that suits your style or the style and persona you want to project. For group photographs it is best if there is a common theme and colour scheme with the group's clothing
For studio style sessions of my studio space in North Staffordshire at the southern end of Stoke-on-Trent is preferred since it is where I can control the lighting the most. Depending on the venue, it is possible for me to do a studio style session at your location. Location portrait photography sessions will require a location that is appropriate for the style that you want and also has poor weather alternatives.
This isn't quite a 'how long is a piece of string ?' question. Some sessions are every short, 20 minutes, whereas some can be somewhat longer. It depends on how many people are involved, how easily they relax in front of the camera and how many clothing, lighting and background variations you want to try.
Absolutely, yes. You will have to allow time for my changing the background and lighting around for each set.
In the studio I tend to work tethered to a computer. This enables you to see the photographs before any adjustments just after each one has been taken. At the end of the session you get to look through the photographs and choose the ones that you want me to process further. For location sessions I might still be able to be tethered and the process for studio sessions followed. Sometimes an online password protected mini-gallery of possibilities is the most appropriate method for making your selection.
There isn't a session fee, you pay for the images that you want to purchase. This might be wall art ( finished photographs mounted and presented in a variety of styles ), prints or digital files. More details can be found on the products page of my website Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, in-person credit / debit card via WorldPay Zinc
I am in Staffordshire Moorlands area of North Staffordshire, just at the southern end of Stoke-on-Trent. The A50 between Stoke and Derby is quite close as is Blythe Bridge train station